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Greetings Everybody!

My name is Ruta. Or you can call me Rutuliukas! ;) I am tall and skinny. I like PC games and photography. I love cycling and do Yoga. And I love kittens. And I love nice and cute things in life. I’m glad to share my blog with you, guys!

P.S. I speak Lithuanian and English (English is my second language, if you found any grammar mistakes, be brave to correct me! )



  •  Who is Lilly Blossom?

I have used this nickname since I was 17, when I got my first PC. When everything has it’s own meaning, the story of my nickname begins when I was coming to iRC only in the evenings and night time. I don’t know if it is true, but somebody told me, that lilies only bloom at night. So now you can connect everything together, and that’s how Lilly_Blossom was born on the internet.

  • Can I write my favourite quote in your web site?

Yes, you can! If you want to share Your favourite quote with me, write it in Quotes comments box. All the wisdom is acceptable!

  • What about quotes rights published in your website?

All quotes collected in my web site are the property of the respective authors or artists. And are restricted for educational and personal use only.

  • Other names?

CaptainRutuliukas at Steam and Youtube

DjRutuliukas at Grooveshark

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