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December 30th, 2008

One day I got crazy, and I decided to try all the yoghurts, write about them, and choose the best one*

I taste 10 different yoghurt, from 5 different brand.
I chose and I gave 10 points for only one yoghurt. For the best tastefulness and smootheness.  

What we need for experiment?
1. From 1 – 2£ to buy yoghurt
2. Small Dessert Spoon
3. Good mood and empty belly
4. Score out of 10 points

muller_corner_crunch_toffee_hoops2-copymuller ”corner crunch”
Deliciuos! Deliciuos! Deliciuos! For chocolade
lovers it’s yoghurt in the heaven!
Toffee hoops, banana choco flakes, strawberry
short cake and vanilla choco balls yoghurts are my favourite from
these collection!

Score ?

bissou_yoghurtbissou ”Vanilla & Fruit” 0,1% Fat
Light, sweet, very nice with kiwi flavour,
but you can find strawberry, peach
and cherry flavour.
Score 8

muller_corner_fruit_blueberry2muller ”corner fruit”
My favourite flavour are bluberry or blackberry & raspberry yoghurt.
Strawberry and peach flavour boring me already.
I was eating these flavours from early age, thats
why I can’t say that’s it’s wow for me.
Score 6

yoghurt1-copyDanone ”Shape, Low Fat, Greek Style”
Light, tasty yoghurt, the best with the
cut fruits, for sugar lovers it’s maybe
too light.
Score 6

corner_healthy_balance3_1muller ”healthy balance”
Crunchy and with cereal, the most tasty to eat on breakfast.
Score 6

muller_amore23-copymuller ”amore”
Creamy, tastfull and nutty. Specially if you going to try walnut and geek luxuary yoghurt!
Minus for people who counting calories, because this yoghurt have 13.1g fat per pot.
Score 9

waitrose_low_fat_organic3Waitrose organic ”low fat bio yoghurt, goosberry”
I like this interesting goosberry yogurt flavour. Something new and deliciuos. You must to try it!
Score 8

muller_one_a_day3Muller ”One A Day”
I’m not fan of this yoghurt. It’s too sweet, and I don’t like this jam in the
yoghurt :(
Score 3

danone_activia3jpgDanone ”Activia”
I love this yoghurt. I love many flavours, like kiwi, rhubarb or with cereals! It’s very nice, smooth and tasty, not too sweet, not too fat. It’s have everything what you want for nice spoon of yoghurt :D
Score 9

echte_yoghurt3_copyEchte Boer’u Yoghurt ”Forest Fruits”
If you want to have yoghurt party, this big bucket yoghurt is for you! Tasty forest fruits jam and smooth yoghurt. I finished to eat this bucket of yoghurt per two times :D
Score 8
The only yoghurt of the all yoghurts is – muller corner crunch! Score 10

*Everybody have different taste, somebody maybe won’t like what I like

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