Another kittens in my home

January 2nd, 2009

Today I was wandering around the home, tidying the books on the shelf, and cleaning off the dust. While my dear Kiss was sleeping on the sofa, I found more kittens sleeping on the shelf…


I bought this kitten 2 years ago from “Little India” shop in Lithuania, but it wasn’t made from good quality material, and all the colour is chipping off.


Wish kitten – my boyfriend bought it for me from one chinese shop in London.


New chinese kitten statue, when I saw it, I thought I must to buy it. Such a cute kittens!


Hello Kitty Collection – I found it in a chocolade egg.


Hello Kitty Collection – Second toy, which I found in a chocolade egg. I have to collect the last 22 kitties!


These tree kittens means the world wisdom – “I don’t hear anything, I don’t speak anything, I don’t see anything”.


Kitten brooch – I bought it from Camden Town market.


And the last one, I got it from cheap “Poundland” Christmas cracker.

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