Body Worlds bag for Kiss

July 27th, 2009

body borlds bag

I didn’t have time to drop a line about Body Worlds exibition in London, where I went 3 weeks ago, but I want to write to day, that I can recommend to go there for everybody. It was so interesting to see whole human body under the skin and how it’s working. There were big posters as well with very nice pictures and citations about life.

This exibition force me to think about life and death. And after exibition I felt like after good movie, like after light shock, so much things were in my head. And it’s let me to think, if we don’t do anything about yourselves, like eating junk food, smoking and not exercising, nobody cares about you, you are the only one responsible how many years you can be in this world. Of course, it can be many issues about that, but better to try and to do something, than to give up….. :|

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