Morgana (Katie McGrath) likes my hat in London MCM Expo 16!

October 26th, 2009






So dreams do come true! I was standing far away, behind the barrier, watching the long queue of  people who were waiting to talk to “Morgana” (Katie McGrath). I couldn’t believe my eyes, when Morgana looked at me, and showed me, that’s she’s really likes my hat! That moment, my boyfriend took some photos!

I still can’t believe what happened, I’m so so happy, I’m on cloud 9th! I have never seen any movie stars from so close up, and Katie McGrath noticed me , it changed my life, I am never going to forget this moment!

Morgana played by Katie McGrath, is in the new BBC series Merlin. It’s a Fantasy-Fi/Fantasy show about the adventures of Merlin as a young boy, who is a sorcerer. Morgana is the ward of King Uther Pendragon and friend of Merlin. But she is not an ordinary princess, Morgana also have the power to make magic, but she is unaware of it.

Thank you Katie McGrath

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