Sims 2 – Seasons

January 4th, 2009


I can’t image how to play Sims 2 now without Seasons expansion pack, it’s make game so beautiful and complete. Sim can build a snowman, make a snow angel, have a snowball fight,  go ice skating, jump in leaf piles, reap the fruits from the garden, catch fresh fish, see rain, hail and storm and dress for seasonal outfits…


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  1. Sabina

    Wow ! Sims 2 Seasons is a fabtastic game . I buy it and I wait delivery . I’m so exited . I was played beafore sims2 Freee Time and Bon Voyage but is a little bet silly beacouse everytime is just SUMMER . But Sims 2 seasons is realy fantastic . I’m going to play all the day with !

  2. Kitty-Ama-Lea

    Above I can’t understand you
    Moving On Swiftly….
    I think Sims 2 Seasons Is great a must have for any sims 2 player It makes the game for realistic instead of summer all the time it’s proper seasons Spring Summer Fall and Winter! It’s the best go but it now!

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