My Barbie

August 15th, 2010

I was playing with Barbie with my sister Raimonda very long, maybe till 13 years old. In this age 13 years old girls having a boyfriends! :D In that time we were spending ages sewing clothes for them by herself, because to buy from the shop was so expensive. We made jewelery, fashion magazines, pillows and sheets for them. We were playing with Barbie “school”, “home” and traveling to other countries. It’s terrific – how child wonderfully can imagine dollies world…

But one day, in our playing room came granny, and told us: “Girls, how long you going to play with it, you are so big, go to street to play with your friends!” When granny left, we decided with sister, that it’s the last summer when we can play with Barbie and we are so big and grown up anyway, we have to enjoy our Barbie the last summer and no more…” That was the end for the Barbie game.

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