I’m getting married!.. In Sims 3 : )

February 7th, 2010


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November 16th, 2009


Five sleepless nights after work. In the day time – I live as a zombie, and night time -  I live as a robot with the quest to release a girlfriend in the castle. Oh Dear, I don’t want to be sentimental, but I can’t remember when the last time I played such a good game!

It’s point – and – click  adventure game with amazing game art and more difficult to solve puzzles than I thought going to be. Some puzzles really was driving me mad! And I’m gonna be honest here, sometimes I needed to find some cheats for help… :)

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The Endless Forest

July 12th, 2009


It’s looks very nice game. You are playing the deer in the game and when you will register, you can chose your special sign for deer above your deer head, it’s like your unique name. So, you are the deer and you can run and do all the animal things in the forest, like scratch the ground, stand on hind legs, roll on floor laughing, eat from tree or show for other deers your emotions like anger, respect, confusion, fear or more, but you can’t chat with other deers in human language…

Actually, I was feeling useless in the game with my deer. Usually, when I’m playing other games online, I never talk with others, I’m always busy to grow my experience, but specially when I couldn’t talk with others in this game I was feeling speechless and armless…

After some time, when I explored all forest and field I just didn’t know what to do there, but don’t forget that this is game point – relax in the forest, and don’t do anyhing, just enjoy forest doing nothing with other deers… I could’t continue this game, I just used to more actions… or they have to make bigger map to explore forest and field with more, really more things where to go with the deer…

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The Graveyard

May 25th, 2009


I was so impressed with the game The Path, that I couldn’t not to try other computer game developed by Tale Of Tales. So,  it’s a very short video game. You are playing as a grandmother and you are in graveyard. You going towards the church and you sit down on the bench. Then listen the song. And after the song, grandmother have possibility to die.

Actually, this game left very sad impression for me. You always playing games to fight and to survive, to be beautiful  and strong, to build people and houses, to live more than 100 years, you playing to forget real life, to forget how works life and death, and here you go – here is the game – The Graveyard, your game’s hero is so old, she almost dieing, the game atmosphere is so grey so chill and shuddering…

I’m not complaining about the game, the game idea and story telling is perfect, the game song force you to thing about life and life meaning, to think about something more… Just play this game, and tell me what do you think..?


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The Path by Auriea Harvey & Michaël Samyn

May 23rd, 2009


It’s a short horror game, retelling of the Little Red Ridinghood fairy tale. It’s a dark, deep and  mysteriuos game about childhood for grown ups with mature story content. It’s really beautiful and amazing game expierence, I coudn’t stop thinking about the game, after I  finished playing it! It could be more games like this, oh  I’ll really really wish!!!



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