Local Circumstances…

January 1st, 2012

I made this picture, when I went to see Science Museum in London last year. And it was the best view from all the view at the science museum! :D If somebody wants to know what a hell I was doing at the Science Museum – I would answer – because of Local Circumstances! :D

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Childhood museum

July 27th, 2009


I went to Childhood museum today. It didn’t look like museum, more like museum and nursery for free for children with the big canteen in the middle. It was quite hard to concentrate to read all the history about toys when all the children were shouting and running around. But well, they are children, and you can’t do anything about it…

So all the museum thing was cool, and let me remember my childhood toys, and let me remember that my childhood is left so far and it never come back… Who doesn’t want to come back to these carefree days with paper dolls, Barbies, Lego and other cool toys..? Very nostalgic…


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London War museum

December 30th, 2008


I was waiting so much this long weekend with Bank holiday. I planned to go everywhere, but at least I decided to go to War museum, because it’s free, and I like solders, and I’m interested in war stuff. In my school times, I read a lot of books about war. In this days I saw playing my boyfriend a lot of war games. So, why not to go to War museum.
It was such a nice and hot day, that I decided walk by foot from Aldgate to Elephant & Castle. When me and my boyfriend reach war museum, I thought I’m not going anywhere I was sooooo tired, I wanted to fall asleep in the park o_O
Therefore,what I want to write about museum. I don’t have words to describe it, but it’s really worth to see. Especially I was interested in masks. I have weakness for masks, maybe it’s started from ‘’Ragnarok’’ game, cause my healer had mask, and it’s looked so cool. By the way, my boyfriend liked these old guns stuff.


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In British museum

December 30th, 2008


Yeah… I fall in love with this budda statue and the flowers… And skeletons as well.


Yeah… But this bell gave to me the best impression :D And this bell symbolise all good things for you and for your home, you just need to hang it over the door.


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