January 2nd, 2009

Very nice game, beautiful graphics, monsters, class clothes. But one thing was really annoying about this game. You have to do a lot of quests, and not every time you can finish to do quest with your appropriate level. And you killing the same and the same monsters from previuos levels, which are to weak for you and you not getting any expierance from it and any items. So it’s not interesting at all to do old quests, but  you don’t want to skip to do it, because you want to read game story… :|

And another thing, for me was a little bit confusing to remember monsters names, and to find them. For example one monster have about 10 different difficulty levels, and names are for example like this – Shady siren child, Lost child, Sad siren child, Morning dew siren child, Wet fog siren child, Flowery siren child, Singing siren child, Outrageous siren child, Petit siren child, Nible siren child and finally Fierce siren child.

Fine, maybe, that guy who create monsters and their names was very creative, but I suggest to make more monsters in the game then, becouse it’s really annoying when you need to kill 30 monsters for quest, and you find only 3 standing in the river…

At the moment my game level is 52, but I don’t know if I gonna have patience to continue this game. I always searching to find perfect massive multiplayer online.

Lilly_Blossom – Cleric

Anabolic – Assasin



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