Doing Yoga in the garden

August 24th, 2010

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March 29th, 2009

You can uploud your photo in and you will see how you would have looked in previuos decades!


In 1964

myyearbookphoto1968In 1968


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My modelling experence in 2004

February 11th, 2009



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New photo

February 1st, 2009


Today I had a crazy dream, that I bought second ginger kitten, similar to Kiss. Sometimes it’s hard to understand dreams! Here is a new photo with Kiss. He is look like a big cat, but I still calling him a kitten!

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On the Screamer chair

February 1st, 2009


Second year I came to see the celebrations of Chinese New Year in London center. But as I expected I didn’t see anything new. The same chinese lamps, and loads of people in the streets and it was bitterly cold outside. So I desided to disappear in Trocadero and to try Screamer Chair! About 6 seconds I had a sure hold on the Screamer chair and on the highest level! Only for 1£ I had full heart of fear and joy, and then, a dizzy head!

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