Photo of the day – 4

January 7th, 2010

Snow on the bench. My hands were freezing, when I took this picture. It was the last snow bit, which I could find and then it melted, and maybe we need to wait for the next year to get more snow in London again… :)

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Kelly Link

January 5th, 2009

“You were going to travel for love, without shoes, or cloak, or common sense. This is one of the things a woman can do when her lover leaves her. It’s hard on the feet perhaps, but staying at home is hard on the heart…”

“The robber girl’s boots cover the scars on your feet. When you look at these scars, you can see the outline of the journey you made. Sometimes mirrors are maps, and sometimes maps are mirrors. Sometimes scars tell a story, and maybe someday you will tell this a story to a lover. The soles of your feet are stories – hidden in the black boots, they shine like mirrors.” Travels With Snow Queen

“Modern art is waste of time. When the zombies show up, you can’t worry about art. Art is for people who aren’t worried about zombies”. Some Zombie Contingency Plans

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Happy snow day

January 5th, 2009


Yesterday was snowing in London, I looked through the window and I could’t believe it. It was about 4 o’clock in the morning. I  took quickly my camera to record this amazing view. I saw three times snowing in London, and it’s very exiting for me, I wish I gonna see more snow this year.

I am from Lithuania, when in winter is plenty snow, and about 20 minus degrees. I love feel frost in my red cheeks, I love to wade through the snow, I love to build snowman. I miss snowing so much…

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