January 2nd, 2009

“Tantra” was first MMORPG which I started to play with my boyfriend in 2005. I was impressed with  game classes and game graphics, which to day it’s doesn’t look so good… I stoped to play “Tantra” nearly 70 level, how you will see, all my games finishing beside 70 or 60 level, I don’t know, maybe it’s a curse! :) The reason to finish this game was, that game started to be payable, and  I was really really upset to leave this game. And I remember, that the last days when I was killing enemies with my archer, it was so difficult to kill, because my archer was damage with the skill points I put wrong and I could’t change it… So, maybe it was time to move on, and change the game.

Lilly_blossom – Hunter

Anabolic_Omen – Assasin


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