Merry snowing! Canary Wharf

February 6th, 2009



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Happy snow day

January 5th, 2009


Yesterday was snowing in London, I looked through the window and I could’t believe it. It was about 4 o’clock in the morning. I  took quickly my camera to record this amazing view. I saw three times snowing in London, and it’s very exiting for me, I wish I gonna see more snow this year.

I am from Lithuania, when in winter is plenty snow, and about 20 minus degrees. I love feel frost in my red cheeks, I love to wade through the snow, I love to build snowman. I miss snowing so much…

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Happy New 2009!

January 4th, 2009


My winter holiday was quite stressful. Firstly, I forgot my MMO game Cabal password, and I had some problems to get it back. Second, I was so upset that I could’t play Cabal, I could’t find seat at home, so I bought 1000 pieces puzzle. And I nearly kill myself with that thing, because it was with landscape picture, and nearly every piece of puzzle looking the same.  I shouted in my head – nuts!

But thank you for my kitten, becouse he destroy my puzzle, when he run through the room, and when everything happens for the reason, I got my Cabal password back, I put puzzle in the corner, and I started to move my website from joomla to wordpress. And today, I’m writing here, feeling like at home, and I want to wish for you Happy New 2009! :*

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Kiss and Christmas

January 4th, 2009


My lovely gingerly cute kitten, celabrating with me second Christmas, and this year he didn’t try to climb on the Christmas tree :D His weight is nearly 4kg!

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Sims 2 – Seasons

January 4th, 2009


I can’t image how to play Sims 2 now without Seasons expansion pack, it’s make game so beautiful and complete. Sim can build a snowman, make a snow angel, have a snowball fight,  go ice skating, jump in leaf piles, reap the fruits from the garden, catch fresh fish, see rain, hail and storm and dress for seasonal outfits…


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