The Path developed by Tale Of Tales

May 23rd, 2009


“There is always a door. And a door can be either open or shut. The difference is me!”

“The man who would save us is the destroyer. But the tenderness of giving in can defeat any power.”

“Deep inside everybody is a dream.”

“The cycle of death knows no beginning and no end.”

“Paint drips like tears. Gravity pulls everything down. It’s only natural.”

“Sitting on wheels. Paralyzed soul. Nowhere to go. Fast.”

“A scarecrow. And birds. Efficient! Wish I had one like that to keep the idiots away.”

“The panic that consumes you is the fear of order.”

“Men can be such monsters. It’s simply disgusting. Whatever happened to elegance and sophistication?”

“Everybody hides their true face. Thats probably for the best.”

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