London War museum

December 30th, 2008


I was waiting so much this long weekend with Bank holiday. I planned to go everywhere, but at least I decided to go to War museum, because it’s free, and I like solders, and I’m interested in war stuff. In my school times, I read a lot of books about war. In this days I saw playing my boyfriend a lot of war games. So, why not to go to War museum.
It was such a nice and hot day, that I decided walk by foot from Aldgate to Elephant & Castle. When me and my boyfriend reach war museum, I thought I’m not going anywhere I was sooooo tired, I wanted to fall asleep in the park o_O
Therefore,what I want to write about museum. I don’t have words to describe it, but it’s really worth to see. Especially I was interested in masks. I have weakness for masks, maybe it’s started from ‘’Ragnarok’’ game, cause my healer had mask, and it’s looked so cool. By the way, my boyfriend liked these old guns stuff.


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